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The Beeston Film Festival brings the latest short films from around the world to the East Midlands. Following a full programme of screenings, there will be an awards ceremony celebrating the winning filmmakers from each category.

Beeston is, also, the creative hub of Nottingham. Ranging from ceramics, painting, music, poetry and importantly filmmaking, the Beeston Film Festival is wonderful addition to Beeston’s cultural calendar.

The Festival will also be available online, from the beginning of the Festival and for three weeks following subscribers will have access to all films screened as part of the festival. Subscribers and the audience attending the festival will be able to vote for their favourite film.

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Festival rules

  • Submissions MUST be made through one of the above sites
  • Submissions MUST include an on-screen viewer for selection purposes.
  • Films must be no longer than 30 minutes and must have been completed after 1st January 2013.
  • The films accepted into the Festival are required to provide for screening PAL Region 2 DVD, Blu-Ray, or MP4 digital files. We regret that we are unable to pay for any transfers, such as NTSC to PAL. Delivery costs of the screening media must be borne by the applicant or forwarding festival. Screening material will not be returned.
  • All packages from outside Europe must bear the declaration: “for temporary importation only and for cultural use at a film festival – of no commercial value”. Documentation / proforma invoices for films from outside the EU must not state a value that exceeds £10 as this often attracts importation taxes. Any film attracting freight charges/ importation taxes our end will not be accepted, and will be returned at the sender’s own cost or may be retained by UK customs, where its retrieval will be the sender’s responsibility.
  • Payment can be made via Paypal or any other of the payment on this site. Note, as our festival is currently receives no public funding we have to charge these fees towards the costs of producing the festival.
  • Viewing copies must be received with all relevant supporting materials by the submission deadline – as dated on the application form – unless, by prior arrangement a late submission has been agreed with the Festival.
  • Press packs are not essential at this stage but can be sent as digital versions via email or on CD/DVD