Three Counties Competition

This year a new local competition has been created for the third edition of the Beeston Film Festival called Three Counties Competition.

In this section of the festival, only filmmakers from Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire can submit films from any genre. The festival has had fantastic support from a variety of local production groups such as Triskelle Pictures and Badshoes Film, blessing the festival with wonderful work such as Ashes and Flawless. 

This is our way of recognising the talent in the area by constructing a competition reflecting more accurately the nature of creativity in the region. Hence, the competition is split into two sections: Long (up to 15 minutes); and Short (up to 5 minutes).

The new competition is endorsed and support by the Matthew Martino Benevolent Fund (MMBF), a UK based international charity that supports filmmakers and actors.  So as well as a B’Oscar for each winner, there is:

  • Three Counties Long – a MMBF Rising Star Award (£150 prize, mentoring plus physical award and other perks) 
  • Three Counties Short – a MMBF Best Short Award (£50 prize and physical award).

The MMBF Trust aims to support a whole generation of filmmakers, actors and creatives through our varied schemes, grants and award scheme, raising aspirations and educating young people within the arts are our key aims.

Simon Phetter, Business Development Manager, MMBF Trust says, “We are supporting the Three Counties Competition because we are Nottingham based firstly and we love encouraging local talent through such demographic driven competitions as they allow greater impact. Needless to say the Beeston Film Festival is pleased to have established such an effective partnership.”