2017 festival graced by BAFTA Winner

The 2nd Beeston Film Festival was another tremendous success. Nearly 70 films from over 30 countries screened to a packed White Lion. This year’s five categories – Drama, Comedy, Documentary, Horror and Animation covered local tales, stories of traumatic and intimate father and son relationships, the joys of proposing, and the nostalgia of ringtones. The variety and diversity of a short film festival never ceases to surprise.

We also attracted many filmmakers in attendance – Ralf Beyerle (Aftermath), Sophie Black (Stop/Eject), Jonathan Hawes (Forbidden Fruit), Ian Bellinger (The Bait Digger), Stacey Lynn Crowe (Our Gal), Emma O’Brien and Keith Allott (Se), Richard Heap & Mario Roberto (Twine) and, of course, from the Best In Festival winner, Beverley, director Alex Thomas, actor Kieran Hardcastle and BAFTA winner, Vicky McClure. Vicky also was kind enough to announce and present B’Oscars during our webcast award ceremony.

The whole event was supported by number of fantastically talented and enthusiastic students. Many thanks to Madz Abbasi, Sophie Butler, Toms Azin, James Fox, Sigita Silena, Matt and many others.

  • Best in Festival – Beverley
  • Best Drama – Beverley
  • Best Comedy – Aftermath
  • Best Animation – Taking the Plunge
  • Best Horror – Twine
  • Best Documentary – Bird in a Cage
  • Audience Award – Something about Men
  • Best Cinematography – Aidiyet
  • Best Script – Bird in a Cage
  • Best Acting Performance  – Layla Lewis (Beverley)
  • Best Direction – The Blue and The Beyond

Here are some photos capturing the event.