London Filmmaker scores a hit with Nottingham talent

Beverley Short Film

London based Alexander Thomas’s Beverley stars BAFTA winning Nottingham-born actress Vicky McClure. Thomas says of the film that while he found it was very challenging to make a period piece on the budget available, he was fortunate to be working with such a dedicated and talented cast and crew. He describes McClure (whose work includes Broadchurch and This is England) as ‘incredibly down to earth, good natured and a genuine joy to be around’.

Set in Leicester in 1980, the film follows Beverley (played by Laya Lewis of Skins and Cuckoo), a young woman of dual heritage, who moves with her family from the economic deprivations and social problems of central Leicester to the more affluent suburbs. She finds this is not the answer to life’s difficulties, and the new environment presents her with different challenges, as she tries to protect her family from the threat they face.

Beverley has already been shown at over 50 festivals around the world, including Cannes, Ottawa, Durban and Cayman Islands. It has won several festival awards, including at the Portobello Film Festival and Southampton International Film Festival where it won despite competing with feature length films. One of Thomas’s heroes, Shane Meadows, saw the film in a private showing earlier this year at The White Lion Beeston, and Thomas says ‘a nod from one of your heroes means a great deal’.

Entries for next year’s BFF are coming in thick and fast and the festival promises to be able to show a diverse set of films of a very high calibre. The closing date for entries is 15th December 2015.

Beverley Short Film