Us – A film by Maisie Fabry

us - 1Us’ was inspired by my own experience at a party, where I was crushed under a mattress by two people and almost suffocated. This film was very much about the bond I share with my younger sister, Esme. I think everyone with a younger sibling feels a huge responsibility to protect them, especially as they grow up and mix with older crowds.

As an aspiring Editor my great inspirations have been Dody Dorn and Walter Murch. Dody Dorn’s incredible work on my favourite film ‘Memento’ was what steered me towards editing as I was fascinated by the incredible power it had over film.

Film school teaches persistence, to succeed in film you have to really love what you are doing. You have to be willing to push yourself to the absolute limit. Secondly, team work, how you work with people and the relationships you make at film school are very important, especially in a small town like Adelaide.

us - 2

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