Zugzwang – A film by Yolanda Centeno

ZugzwangAfter winning a Radio-Television National Award (Best film), among other important awards in advertising and filmmaking, I got a very special scholarship called Talentia. It was very hard to get the said scholarship (equivalent to a “Fullbright”, but just for the Southern area of Spain). I moved from Spain to New York and I graduated from my Master of Fine Arts in Filmmaking in Los Angeles. After that, I started directing commercials and films, as well documentaries. I also have a very strong background as an editor for films and commercials.

I love how the film industry is organized in United States. There are rules and processes that you have to follow and sometimes seems to be way too hard, but the system here is designed to get things done and get them done properly.

My filmmaker career has always been related to kids. I love working with them and kids have had a very important role in all of my films. My next project is based on a story where young brave kids face the harshest immigration conditions and take away naive interpretations from a grown up world.

Zugzwang 2

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