Misophonia a documentary by Marianne Skovdalh

Picture4Misophonia, literally “hatred of sound”, is a neurological disorder in which negative experiences (anger, flight, hatred, disgust) are triggered by specific sounds. The sounds can be loud or soft.

In the beginning of the filmmaking process I believed my inspiration in making ‘Misophonia’ was my wish to recover from it or make it go away. However, in hindsight I realise that I have always known the disorder is incurable; and that my true motivation and inspiration was to make friends with my strange life companion.

When asked about support groups, Marianne said

As the recognition of our disorder sadly is very low, the majority of Misophonia sufferers have diagnosed themselves through doing research online.

Making a documentary so close to you must have presented challenges,

It was difficult to let go of inhibitions and fear in connection with exposing my inner turmoil, of which only I knew the true severity. However, doing so has been very rewarding: people get it now, and I’m not afraid to be perceived as crazy anymore as the film serves as a successful way to express myself clearer.

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