I Owe You – A film produced by Jason Tostevin

ioweyouI Owe You – Father-to-be Cam owes his perfect life to his estranged friend Todd. But when Todd shows up one night with a body in his trunk and calls in the debt, Cam must choose between an awful trip into darkness and having his own terrible secret revealed.

Jason Tostevin has written and directed television commercials, a broadcast series, championship short films, a short documentary, and positioning and corporate videos for major global brands.

His work of note includes the still-in-festivals horror comedy short “‘Til Death”, “a must see short of 2014” (Horror Movies Uncut), which has piled up more than 70 fest laurels – making it the most decorated Columbus short ever. In addition, Jason is known for the fantasy short “Stones” (2011 Cannes Film Festival; “Best of” DVD, 2010 International 48 Hour Film Project); the sci-fi horror short “Room 4C” (Best Film, 2012 Homegrown Horror Festival) and a broadcast television show called The Screen.

His team’s newest, the short thriller “I Owe You” (Audience Choice, 2014 Winterfilm Cincinnati) is beginning its festival run now.

Picture4Find out more about Jason and his work www.facebook.com/handsoffproductions

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